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    Natie is a dream girl : creative, funny and stunningly beautiful ! In the first interview she tells you how she can play the ukulele, and why "The Good Place" is her favorite show on Netflix. After she gives us an update on how her love life is developing, Natie shows us in two hot masturbation clips what brings her to climax !
    First she caresses her butt with her right hand and at the same time her pussy with her left hand. Then she stretches her ass with an anal plug and brings herself (...)

    Mia G

    Born in Cologne but now a real Berliner, our gorgeous new Ersties girl Mia is as easy-going in her sex life as she is in her everyday life. She tells us fucking can be so much better than just in bed or on the sofa… and we can’t disagree !
    Watching TV, reading, writing and being a child of the sun is everything the beautiful, full-lipped brunette enjoys. Currently Mia’s boyfriend gives her orgasms but never underestimate what your own hands can do – like in today’s shoot with one or two (...)


    A gorgeous girl like Lana plus Ersties is the best combination the Ersties community will see today, don’t you agree ? Lana is a professional dancer, nude model and fitness and yoga fan that lives in the city of London. Luckily she’s found some time in her schedule to shoot an amazing first video for us. With legs that almost reach the sky, Leggy-Lana, as she likes to be called, has some naughty things planned…
    There is nothing else the sexy blonde likes more than keeping her body in shape (...)

    Julia P. & Victoria P.

    Victoria was on vacation with her grandma in Greece when she had sex for the first time. It happened with a clearly older hotel guest in his room !
    Currently Victoria is single, but for her it’s only a matter of time before she finds someone new… and she doesn’t have to look long for a sex partner in Julia’s bed ! Julia has been with her boyfriend for 3.5 years and she tells us about one of her most exciting outdoor sex experiences with him, on a beach in Thailand.
    The two girls know how to (...)


    After moving out of her parents’ home, 19-year-old art student Luca bought all the sex toys she always wanted to try. The young Austrian is experiencing her independence as a process of liberation, which she pursues sexually, socially and economically. She wants to use the existing patriarchal and capitalist structures to her advantage in order to be as free as possible. To do this, she shoots her own porn films, studies sculpture, is working on her first short film and studying sex (...)

    Luna X

    You may remember Luna from a Playdate she did with her friend Natalia. If not, this shoot is the best opportunity for you to get to know her ! Our Intimate Moments series lets the girls show what they want and how they want and that makes it even more interesting. It’s a pleasure to have Luna back on her own, showing us exactly what makes her tick !
    The sensual brunette, who currently lives in Amsterdam, talks to us about some atypical interview topics like her favourite colour, season and (...)

    Zina & N

    Is it possible to have sex fairly and equally and to take turns giving and receiving ? How would that look, and is it something we want to try ? Is it possible that everyone can have exactly what they want, without taking away some of the pleasure from someone else ? This is an experiment we were happy to see !
    In this Intimate Moments shoot ‘Zina and Natalia’ or ‘Natalia and Zina’ depending, alternate with what they ask for or offer each other. They are on a timer and switch roles between (...)


    We love our German girls here at Ersties and even more so when it’s their first shoot with us. Today we met Kate, a natural beauty who loves to boulder, decorate, travel and fuck. Who can resist her big blue eyes, blonde hair and curvy but sporty body ? Surely no one ! Kate is here today to explain how a gorgeous girl like her likes to spend time on her own !
    Kate knew very early on that her eyes mesmerise both boys and girls. She likes to be curious with sex and is happy to reveal all the (...)


    Do you also experience this ? The sexual excitement after a hard workout, when the muscles are pumped and the blood speeds through the body ? The reasons why workouts make us happy are still being explored, but we definitely know that we do feel happy, beautiful, and sexy afterwards. Yes, sport and sexuality are somehow connected and both let us feel our bodies and give us feelings of vitality.
    Alanna loves this feeling. She likes to take off her tank top after training at the gym and (...)

    Domino & Missy

    25-year-old Missy from America and 26-year-old Domino from Belgium share one, or let’s say two big loves : very well-made fries and fucking girls. This discovery is not a big surprise for us, as we know that one of them lives in the country of fries and likes to film herself with gorgeous girls for Ersties. A very positive Domino Effect we’d like to say !
    The other brown-haired beauty also currently lives in Europe and likes to treat other girls with tenderness with her tongue and fingers. (...)

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